Our Mares 
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Last Updated: December 16th, 2018
Northern Star Katelyn
Colour: Sorrell Appaloosa 
AMHA & AMHR Registered
Height: 31 1/2"
D.O.B: 04/08/15
Sire: CCMF Chasing The Dream
Dam:  Landry Farms Twinkle

Northern Star Brooklyn 
Colour: Black appaloosa
AMHA & AMHR Registered
Height: 32 1/4"
D.O.B: 04/23/15
Sire: CCMF Chasing The Dream
Dam:  Sandra Lees Binders Lakota Sue

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Sandra Lees Apaches Lady Bug
Colour: Black Appaloosa
AMHA & AMHR Registered
Height: 29 3/4
D.O.B: 05/15/09
Sire: Running Creeks Apachie Magic
Dam:  Sandra Lees Signatures Sierra
Northern Star Bambi 
Dream Come True

Colour: Palomino Pinto
AMHA Registered
Height: 26"
D.O.B: 05/20/07
Sire: Tailwinds Saturday 
Night Special
Dam:  Double D Lucretia
Katelyn tested LP/N for leopard and N/N for pattern
Brooklyn tested LP/N for leopard and N/N for pattern !
Landry Farms Twinkle
Colour: Blue App
AMHA & AMHR Registered
Height: 33 1/2"
D.O.B: 04/28/05
Sire: Palermo
Dam:  Chinooks Pride & Joy
Northern Star 
Little Suzie Q

Colour: Sorrel Appaloosa
AMHA & AMHR  Registered
Height: 31 "
D.O.B: 05/02/2012
Sire: Landry Farms Mr. Chip (Leopard App)
Dam: Abdais Little Patches

Suzie Q tested LP/lp for leopard and N/Patn1 for pattern.
Northern Star Ebony Dawn

Colour: Black
AMHA Registered
Height: 31 1/4 "
D.O.B: 04/27/2009
Sire: Sunrise Estates 
Prima Deluxe (Black Pinto)
Dam:  Little Q Dark Rain
Northern Star Madison

Colour: Black
AMHA Registered
Height: 31"
D.O.B: 03/20/2016
Sire: Landry Farms Mr Chip
Dam: Northern Star Ebony Dawn